Content Kitchen specialise in high quality, fast turn-around, video content.Capturing people, products, ideas & experiences and delivering them to the world.

Video is quick and easy to digest, more engaging to view and brings products, places, people and experiences to life. Web video in particular is very quickly becoming one of the most valuable and flexible online marketing assets that any company or brand can own. Websites and blogs devoid of any web video will risk looking dated in the very near future. 

Not to mention the fact that these companies/brands are also losing out through lost SEO opportunity. Did you know that search engines such as Google, MSN & Yahoo give priority to websites containing video content? Today, a single video shoot has the potential to generate many tailored pieces of cost and time-effective content for months to come, seeded into and across numerous digital and social media channels. Well produced videos will add depth and professionalism to your website, blog, social media profiles, emails, DM campaigns as well as sales pitches.